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      Thank all the new and old customers to Zhuji Hengda NC Machinery Plant Care and support. I plant the spirit of "quality first, customer first" principle, wholeheartedly for the general new old customer service. In the face of the incentive market competition, must strive to improve their own quality, strengthen the topics of management, to create "Hengda" brand, based on the present, look to the future, will be the best quality, most new development, the highest price than the letter for you to provide quality of NC machine tool.
      Welcome new and old customers letter calls to discuss cooperation.
      Copyright (c) Zhejiang Hengda CNC Machine Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 浙ICP備11019607號-1  

      ADD:No.1 Hengda Road,Xinhe Industrial Park,Tonglu,Zhejiang  TEL:0571-58505998 58505996(FAX)
      Branch:No.17 Changping Road,West Industrial Economic Development Zone,Zhuji  TEL:0571-87183988 87215378(FAX)
      URL:http://www.p99991.com Email:hengdask@hengdask.com